How to become an ‘unfeartie’

The following blog article comes from Norma Ruettimann, CALA Training Development Manager:


Following on from our recent article on Children’s Rights, we’d like to share how you can become an an ‘Unfeartie!’

The Children’s Parliament are marking their 21st anniversary by creating an ‘inspiring, brave band of ‘Unfearties,’ individuals who are not feart, are making a difference in children’s lives and who are willing to speak up for and stand alongside children.’

unfeartieJohn Carnochan OBE and Dr Suzanne Zeedyk are two very well known ‘unfearties’ along with a host of others who work with, for or alongside children who have keen interest in supporting children’s participation and engagement. Why to check out the web site: and click on ‘About us’ then ‘Unfearties’ to join them. The ‘Our Work’ section shows the wide range of projects, activities and partnerships that the Children’s Parliament are involved in – why not have a look and gain some inspiration for supporting meaningful implementation of children’s rights.

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