Halloween Fun at Junior World


Jayne from Junior World has sent over a Powerpoint presentation of the fun they’ve been having around Halloween. The children also learned about Remembrance Day, and Diwali, the Festival of Light.

It looks like the kids of Junior World have had a fun and informative few weeks! If you’d like to read more about what they’ve all been up to, click here to download the Powerpoint presentation that Jayne sent through.

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  1. Kim Whittingham
    Kim Whittingham says:

    Looks like there has been lots of learning and looks of fun. Keep up the good work guys! Very much looking forward to seeing the next entry and all you’ve been up to X

  2. Suzanne Jeanx
    Suzanne Jeanx says:

    Firstly , I am personally impressed by the changes within Junior world , parents have more knowledge of what their kiddo’s are up too and what their Kiddo’s are achieving in regards to learning , plus knowing up coming events within Junior World .
    Look forward to more info and updates to what my Scally Wag is involved in .
    I have bee a parent with junior World for 16 yrs and very much look forward look forward to my youngest joining you all next year , especially with the vast improvements that are taking place 👍
    Well done all x

  3. Kellie mclachlan
    Kellie mclachlan says:

    Looks like you’ve all been having a great time and learning lots of different things.looking forward to next update 😊


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