NHS email accounts

If you have an NHS secure email account you should be aware that you must renew your password every 90 days or you would be locked out. If you are locked out, here are the instructions on what to do:

  • Phone 01463 704999 and give the helpful person at the other end of the phone your NHS email address.
  • Tell them you are working from a non-NHS computer.
  • They ask you a couple of security questions which you should have set up when you registered with them in the first place.
  • They give you a new password.
  • You go to nhs.net email log in page and sign in.
  • A box will come up asking you to insert your old password and your new password – the old password is the one you were just given on the phone.
  • You decide on your new password and enter it twice. You are then able to access your secure email again.
  • Make a note of the date you should renew your password within 90 days in your diary or on your calendar.

Contact for problems with secure email: Janis Cameron 01463 717227