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We want to make sure you don’t miss out on anything that’s happening within CALA, or within the childhood practice sector in Scotland. We have many ways of keeping in touch with staff, members, parents and carers. As well as traditional methods – phone, email, face to face, print media (posters, etc) – we have an array of online/electronic methods of communication. They’re all FREE – please sign up now!

The CALA Blog

This is a short colourful, chatty email format that keeps you up to date with both serious and fun stuff going on around families, childcare and early education. People tell us that they love the CALA Blog – you could too! Get in touch with us if you’d like signed up for the blog: [email protected]

CALA Matters

CALA Matters is our e-newsletter, published twice a term. Its main purpose, apart from sharing news and letting you know our current vacancies, is to provide you with links to all the important online sites and resources.

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Play Matters

Play Matters is published once a month by the The Highland Council’s Play Improvement Group and it will keep you informed of all play-related news in Highland, as well as provide links to what’s happening in other countries. Sign up here.


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