Keeping Children Safe

Useful Videos

Stop it Now!

Stop it Now is a Child Protection Campaign run by the Lucy Faithfull Foundation, the only UK-wide charity focussed solely on the risk of children being sexually abused.

Please take a couple of minutes, to watch Stop it Now’s short film which illustrates:

    • viewing / sharing a sexual image of someone under 18 is illegal
    • the experience is extremely harmful to the children involved
    • the consequences can be devastating
    • there is help to stop

You can also view the Stop it Now! presentation for further info on illegal images of children at

Cyberbullying – advice for victims

Children who Experience Trauma in Early Childhood – a presentation by Dan Hughes


Are you interested in finding out more about how trauma experienced by children in their early years affects the brain? Then you may find it worth watching a video presentation on the subject by Dan Hughes, creator of Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy (DDP) and Attachment-Focused Family Therapy. The full presentation ‘How Early Years Trauma Affects the Brain’ (53 minutes) is available on, alternatively there is a shorter (15 minutes) version on