Childcare Abbreviations


Anyone new starting in Care and Learning Alliance might be baffled by the number of abbreviations in the company and in the childcare sector as a whole!

So… following our core priority of ‘the right help at the right time’ this page is going to be the place to come if you need an abbreviation explained.

Please get in touch if you have an abbreviation to add – every little helps! E. [email protected]

APW        Assistant Playworker

BTA         Building the Ambition

CAM        Community Asset Mapping

CfE          Curriculum for Excellence

CLF         Continuous Learning Framework

CPD        Continuous Professional Development

CPM        Childhood Practice Manager

DSM        Direct Services Manager

ELCC      Early Learning and Childcare

EY           Early Years

EYC        Early Years Collaborative

GIRFEC  Getting it right for every child

GSW       Group Support Worker

HC           Highland Council

LA            Local Authority

MTfP       Making Time for Play

OS            Out of School

OOSC       Out of School Club/Out of School Care

PCP          Peripatetic Childcare Practitioner

PiP            Play into Practice (training course)

PLiP         Play & Learning into Practice (training course)

PPA          Play Practice Advisor

PSP           Public Social Partnership

PT             Principal Teacher

PTGF       Parent & Toddler Group Facilitator

PW           Playworker

SLA          Service Level Agreement

SLF          Scottish Learning Festival

SPW        Senior Playworker

SSSC       Scottish Social Services Council

TSI          Third Sector Interface

UNCRC  United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child