Golspie ELCC and their beautiful new mud kitchen

The following blog post comes from the staff of Golspie ELCC:

The boys and girls at Golspie ELC have been developing their outside area. They had a pond that they no longer used so, the children, parents and staff thought of ways that the pond could be changed to allow for a mud kitchen.

Here’s what the area looked like before…

The pond was filled in and then we had to make sure the ground was even, so we used soil to level it out.  Julie put a sheet down to try and make sure that no weeds would grow again before putting bark on top.

Parents began to donate and bring in pallets, old cable reels, pots and pans which we could use within this area.

The pallets were used to make the mud kitchen: we were so excited and could not wait for this to be built and here are some photos of it being made.

Once the mud kitchen had been built we put our playhouse and picnic table into the area.

The boys and girls love playing in their new play area and here are some of the things they have said: –

The children will gain valuable learning experiences which link to different areas of the curriculum including developing their numeracy, literacy, and social skills during role play and drama.

The children, and all of us, would like to thank everyone that helped make this possible especially the parents, local businesses and a local crofter who donated the bark and the generous donation of money which the centre received which will be used to help further develop the outside garden area.

Without your support and kindness this wonderful learning environment could not have been developed.


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