Getting Ready for Mother’s Day

Here In Kyle we decided to make some lovely flower pictures for Mums for Mother’s Day.  It didn’t take too long and we had great fun with red and yellow paint – we found that if we mixed it together, we made another colour – Orange!
mothersday 1

You’ll never guess what we painted the flowers with.  We didn’t use paintbrushes, we used something very strange.  We used celery.  We didn’t eat it, we used it for painting!

mothersday 2.5

We thought we made as really good job of concentrating and using the celery to dip into the paint and blob it onto the paper.  Then Heather painted some green stalks on for us.

mothers day 2

Some of us enjoyed it so much that we made more than one picture, but we only took a photograph of some of them so that you can see what we made.

mothersday 3

We think they’re lovely!


Heather Knowles, Parent & Toddler Facilitator(Skye and Lochalsh)

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