Get into play: Supporting Parent, Baby & Toddler Grant

Get into Summer: Supporting Parent, Baby & Toddler Groups Grant

A chance for Parent Baby and Toddler Groups to be part of the Get into Summer Campaign.

Applications close in…..


About the grant

Play Scotland welcomes the announcement of the enhanced summer offer for all children and young people to provide them with opportunities to socialise, play and reconnect within their local communities. The Scottish Government has announced a £20 million fund to provide support for children and young people who would otherwise struggle to access such experiences. See more in news.

Early Years Scotland and Care and Learning Alliance are excited to be administering a fund for Parent, Baby and Toddler Playgroups.

This fund will support Parent Baby and Toddler Groups to be part of the Get Into Summer Campaign. If you are involved in one of these groups here is a fund that welcomes applications to access a grant of up to £500

We have created an extensive list of FAQs to support applicants, which can be found below.

Funding is not limited to the provision of activities, find out more details in the FAQs. 

For further information about either organisation, click on the links or use the contact form below to get in touch and someone from the relevant team will be in touch.

Click here to contact details for Care and Learning Alliance

Click here for contact details for Early Years Scotland

Apply online here

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For support with the application see the FAQs below.

Frequently asked questions

What sort of groups can apply for the funding?

You must be a constituted group that offers organised play and activities and support to children under 5 and their parents/carers such as a parent, baby and toddler group or a playgroup as long as the parent/carer stays with the child?

If you would like to understand more about what a constituted group is – see Question 6 below

For further help or queries, use the ‘Contact form’ opposite or give us a call!

Early Years Scotland = 0141 221 4148 

Care and Learning Alliance = 01463 222569

When is the application deadline?

All applications must be submitted by Monday 21st June before 12pm. Applications after this time cannot be accepted.

What can the funding be used for?

Anything that contributes to Get into Summer outcomes.

For example, rent, insurance (can be annual), play and learning resources (e.g.sandpit, sand and sand toys to support outdoor play), PPE, annual membership  etc.

It’s a good idea to try to estimate how much each item will cost and keep a track of spend and any receipts (see below)

Find out more about membership with CALA or Early Years Scotland

Does the group have to become a CALA or EYS member to be accepted for the funding?

No – but you can join us if you would like to.

For further information about either organisation, click on the links below or use the contact form on the right to get in touch and someone from the relevant team will be in touch.

Early Years Scotland

Care and Learning Alliance

What are the benefits to becoming a member?

To find out about the benefits of being an Early Years Scotland Member – Click here

To find out about the benefits of being a CALA Member – Click here

Can the group use part of the funding to purchase membership?

Yes. When allocated your funding, you can choose to use part of the fund to join and pay for the annual membership of either organisation.

Does the group require a constitution or other governance document be accepted for the funding?

Yes – you need to be a group that has some sort of constitution or document that shows how you run your group. If your group does not have one, you can access support from CALA or EYS or use our contact form on this webpage to submit any queries. If you are unable to upload the constitution or cannot access it for any reason at this time (for instance as the Hall you store it in is closed etc), you can still submit your application and we will be in touch to discuss this with you.

Click here for contact details for Early Years Scotland

Click here to contact details for Care and Learning Alliance

Does the group require insurance to be accepted for the funding?

Yes – however, the funding can be used to purchase this and needs to be in place before any activity occurs.

Again EYS or CALA can help explain this further – use our contact form on this webpage to submit any queries.

What about PVG requirements?

The PVG Scheme is for people doing ‘regulated work’ with children and protected adults. A PVG certificate contains all unspent and certain spent conviction information. It also contains any other non-conviction information that the police or other government bodies think is relevant.

What is a child protection/safeguarding policy and a nominated Child Protection Lead?

It is good practice for all Community Groups to have a nominated Child Protection Lead who is selected by the Group and vetted appropriately. Volunteers should always know who their nominated child protection lead is and how to contact them. Groups should have a Child Protection Policy in place which is proportionate and appropriate – contact EYS or CALA if you would like support with this.

Where groups receive funding or use premises from local authorities or plan to host a public event, this is mandatory.

Does the group need to keep proof of purchase for what the funding was used for?

Yes. These will not be required to be submitted for all grants, however, spot checks will take place to ensure governance. Receipts must be kept for 7 years.

Does the group need to be re-opened by a certain period to be accepted for the funding?

No – part of this fund is to support and encourage groups to restart as we know there can be upfront costs to reopening  – you need to be open and providing at least one activity or session before 31st August 2021 to qualify for the funding.

Is there a set criteria for the number of sessions/duration of sessions/frequency of sessions offered by groups?

No. This will be dependent on the individual planning of each group.

If I do not meet some of the criteria at the time of submitting, will I have the opportunity to rectify this?

During the period the funding is open you will have the opportunity to rectify it. This will have to be actioned by the closing date. If you require guidance please contact CALA or EYS.

To find out about the benefits of being an Early Years Scotland Member – Click here

To find out about the benefits of being a CALA Member – Click here

What is evaluation?

How do we evaluate our project?

The evaluation is how you will demonstrate to us how effective your group has been in using the grant money to deliver your plan and the difference it has made to the children and families.

Examples of how you can do this are:

  • Photographs/videos (remember to be clear on what you are using the media for and get permission to share with us)
  • Feedback – capture comments through the use of short questionnaires
  • Your records of how many children and families benefit from the grant

Why do we need to evaluate the project?

Early Years Scotland and Care and Learning Alliance will provide the Scottish Government with information on the delivery and reach of the funding to inform future policy and practice. We will ask you after a 6 month period to share a brief summary with us of how you used the grant money including examples of some of the above methods to demonstrate the impact it has made on children and families.

When will the funding be in the group bank accounts if successful?

You will be notified on or before 25th June 2021 if your application has been successful. 

We aim for the money to be with you by 30th June 2021 – you will receive an email notification to tell you when it has been transferred. If you have any queries or do not receive it,  please contact Early Years Scotland or fill in our Contact Form on this page.

Who can sign the application?

What other support will CALA and EYS be providing to support groups with the application process?

We will provide joint facilitated online meetings for all successful applicants during the summer of play period – these are informal sessions to chat about any issues, ask questions and get ideas for some of the sort of activities you can provide in a safe and fun way.

The sessions are on the following days and invites will be sent out to all successful groups in advance of the sessions.

Friday 9 July: 10am – 11am – Activity suggestions and general support

Friday 23 July: 10am – 11am – Acticity suggestions and general support

Friday 6 August: 10am – 11am – Evaluation and general support

Friday 20 August: 10am – 11am – General support

Both organisations will also offer bespoke phone call support, info line email support and other communication channels to support applicants during the funding period. Or use the Contact Us form on this webpage and someone will get back to you asap.

How do I access other support?

For further support use our contact form on this page or contact or contact us direct at either:

Early Years Scotland

Care and Learning Alliance

Contact us

Early Years Scotland is the country’s principal national organisation that is dedicated to, and has a strong specialism in, the early years of babies and young children’s lives, from pre-birth to 5.

We believe that providing Scotland’s children with the very best start in life is essential if we are going to achieve excellence and equity for all. We support children and families directly through community and prison-based shared play and learning sessions, and indirectly through the practical help and guidance we provide for early years groups and settings.

Local parent & toddler groups play a vital role in the early development of young children and help support parents to increase both their own and their children’s levels of confidence and skills. Early Years Scotland appreciates, however, that running and sustaining a parent & toddler group can be a hugely challenging task for the parents who volunteer to take on committee roles. Through membership of Early Years Scotland, parent & toddler groups can make use of a benefits package carefully designed to make running the group a less daunting and difficult task.

Find out more about the range of membership benefits for parent & toddler groups by clicking on the button below.

Care and Learning Alliance or CALA are a children and families charity in Highland and Moray who have been operating for over 40 years, working closely in partnership with Highland Council, NHS Highland, 3rd sector organisations and other local and national bodies and funders, communities and of course parents and the children themselves. CALA have a focus on quality provision, children’s rights and continuous improvement.

CALA provide ELC and SAC services across Highland and Moray as well as support to parent, baby, and toddler groups in both English and Gaelic medium and bespoke support to Polish and Traveller communities. CALA also provide PEEP parenting classes, baby massage, Book bug, Buggy Walks and other family services within local community across the whole Highland area, as well as focussed support in Inverness Prison.

We currently run Active Play sessions with funding from NHSH and due to pandemic, it has been in schools, ELC and with toddler groups which has been hugely successful. We have a well-respected and nationally recognised training and development service providing online modules as well as face to face training.

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