Free online training – ‘Introduction to Child Sexual Exploitation’

Care and Learning Alliance, in partnership with the Child Protection Committee Training Team, are pleased to be able to offer our ‘Introduction to Child Sexual Exploitation’ online course for free. 

The course is a mixed media presentation which will guide you through key messages in a clear, straightforward and interesting way. Video and audio are used to explain and illustrate important learning points making it an effective tool to help you understand more about CSE. 

The module can be accessed by following these instructions: 

    1. Visit
    2. Scroll to the CSE course and select ‘Add to Cart’
    3. Select ‘Checkout’
    4. Complete the checkout process by entering your details
    5. You will now be granted access to the CSE course
    6. Work your way through the course; at the end you will be issued a certificate of completion, which you can print and keep for your records. 

As well as CSE, we have other child protection courses available. Our ‘Children Affected by Parental Substance Misuse’ is also free, and ‘An Introduction to Child Protection’ can be accessed for free by requesting a voucher by emailing [email protected] 

Please note we recommend using the Google Chrome browser to access the courses. 

If you experience any technical issues or have any questions, please contact us at [email protected]

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