Fortrose Pre-School made a roof for their stable!

FPS-Christmas-2015-02We know it’s a few weeks since Christmas but the children at Fortrose Pre-School just wanted to share the pictures of their preparations for their Nativity play with everyone.

The home corner had been changed into a stable but it didn’t have a roof! So they decided they would have to make one. There was discussion about what to use and how to make it and they eventually decided to use some big cardboard tubes they had been given and some flattened boxes. The problem was how to fix it all together!

First of all, they had to measure to get the right fit. Then they tried it out to check it was the right size – everyone helped and Catriena (Senior EYP at Fortrose) was needed as she was taller! Then it had to be decorated… with glue and straw. Everyone worked really hard.

Finally, it was all finished – isn’t it beautiful? And it is a perfect stable – ready for the Nativity play.

Marion Laidlaw, CALA Childhood Practice Manager