Fortrose Pre-School ‘fly’ off to the Inverness Aviation Museum

The following blog article was submitted by Marion Laidlaw, CALA Childhood Practice Manager:


The children at Fortrose have been learning all about planes and were recently very lucky to enjoy a visit to the Highland Aviation Museum near Inverness Airport. They are a voluntary run group but opened up the Museum especially for the children.

All the children really enjoyed the visit. They could sit in real planes such as Nimrods and there were planes with lots of buttons to press! The children had a very hands-on time when they were able to role-play being pilots and learning a lot as they went along. The children were able to try on some interesting helmets, jackets and lifejackets.

Even the mums had a go at trying the clothes on.

The children listened well and followed the safety advice from the owner about boundary lines, walking not running and staying in their groups. The owner commented how well behaved all children were saying they were “better than some primary school children”!

The children even received a small gift from the centre – a small Nimrod.

We would like to thank everyone at the museum for making this such an enjoyable visit and rich learning experience for the children. Hope you enjoy the photos!

If you would like to know more about the Museum here is a link:


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  1. Norma Ruettimann
    Norma Ruettimann says:

    Wow – what a fantastic opportunity for the children, a really memorable visit for them I’m sure! I’m thinking skills for life and work….maybe sowing seeds for some future aviators 🙂


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