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The following information comes from Education Scotland’s Weekly Digest: 

Scot’s Ambassadors


St.Bridget’s Early Years class, North Ayrshire, dedicates every Wednesday to Scots learning. They have Scottish snacks, listen to stories in Scots and they even recite poetry in Scots.

The class has been promoting Scottish landscapes and places of interest which the children have been talking about at home with their families. Some children have visited the Wallace monument and Linlithgow Palace.  The children have grown in confidence by learning through Scots and the parent and carers have enjoyed being involved.

Inspection Mythbusters


There are many misconceptions of what happens during a school inspection. This week you can watch our new video with Director of Inspections, Alastair Delaney, to find out more about the Inspection Mythbusters. Remember to follow us on Twitter to see a new mythbuster each week.

CfE Statement for Practitioners

The CfE stedu-scotland-update2atement intends to provide clear, practical advice for teachers and practitioners on planning learning, teaching and assessment. It provides key messages to support teachers and practitioners in planning and also suggests what should be avoided.

Teachers should be empowered to use the flexibility that CfE provides to organise learning for children and young people in ways that best meets learners’ needs. Schools should be working in a collegiate way to make key decisions. Read more.

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