Easter Arts and Crafts And Our Visit To Seaforth House

The boys and girls at Golspie ELCC have been very busy making Easter Eggs using different art and craft materials.

We used balloons, glue, paper, paint, stickers and pens to make our eggs, this is how we made them.

We first blew up the balloons ready for us to cover in glue and paint (Papier Mache), this was very messy – we enjoyed doing this part.

Seaforth 1 seaforth 2

We then had to wait for the glue to dry over night before we could paint them.  We wanted to use orange, yellow, blue, red and green paint to make them bright and colourful.

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After the paint had dried we took the painted eggs (balloons) to Seaforth House (our Local Old Peoples Home) for the residents to help us decorate them.

We used a selection of Easter Stickers with rabbits, chicks, carrots and eggs on them.  Some of us even drew a nice picture on them, and glued on some feathers to help make them look pretty.

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After we decorated our eggs we then made Easter cards the ladies and men at Seaforth helped us to decorate them.

After we had finished our cards a nice lady called Tracey said that we could play in the garden, here are some photos of us playing.

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Before we left we sang some songs to the residents, then Tracey said that she had a present for all of us to say `Thank you` for visiting them, which was a crème egg each.



When we got back to Golspie ELCC we went on an Easter egg hunt with our crème eggs, this was really fun and we found them all hidden in our outside play area.


We wanted to say thank you to the Residents at Seaforth House for inviting us to spend some time with them, and thought they would like this fruit basket.


As we had made three eggs we thought that it would be nice to give Fiona a special Easter treat.  She was so surprised and pleased with her decorated egg

Here is a lovely picture of Fiona with her present


“Happy Easter Fiona, we hope you enjoy your present”.

The boys and girls at Golspie ELCC would like to wish you all a happy Easter.

-Fiona Morrison,

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