Drakies and North Kessock Holiday Club – Week 1 & 2 Recap


Drakies and North Kessock Holiday Club is in full swing! Children and staff are taking part in lots of fun activities and making new friends while they’re at it.

Here is Tracy from Drakies to describe what they’ve been up to so far:

“Due to building works at North Kessock School, they are unable to use their usual setting, so joined up with us here at Drakies. We are very busy having lots of fun mixing with our new friends. We would also like to welcome all our new children to holiday club and hope to see you all back in October. We will continue to provide updates so make sure to check back.”

– Tracy

Click here to download Tracy’s Powerpoint presentation, showing all the fun the boys and girls of Drakies and North Kessock are having together.

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  1. Norma Ruettimann
    Norma Ruettimann says:

    My goodness you have all been busy! What a super opportunity to make some new friends and gain valuable life skills like first aid – will look forward to the next update:)


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