Dè Gaidhlig airson ‘Gloop’?

The addition of a simple plastic colander ensured that some of the youngsters at Na Rionnagan Beaga Inbhir Theorsa sat around the ‘gloop’ activity for over half an hour during our last visit from Maree Nicolson, one of the group’s Gaelic Parent Toddler Development Workers.


One little boy, who doesn’t usually like getting his hands messy, played with the mixture for a long time and was fascinated by the changing consistency. He was joined by a little girl, who was delighted with the patterns she could make and the patterns that were created when the gloop came through the colander.


Parents were surprised at how difficult the mixture was to pick up from the tray but then how fluid it was trickling through the colander.

‘Mar sneachda’ – ‘It’s like snow’  – said one of the wee ones, being reminded of the weather outside on the snowy January morning!


Adding the food colouring encouraged the children to talk about their colours and to create even more patterns and shapes.

One 2 year old was delighted with the patterns that the white mixture could make on her black trousers- ‘look at my trousers Mam- they are fun!’ Mam was equally delighted with the fact that the sticky, interesting mixture dried up and brushed off the black trousers and the wee one was clean again!

This was such an easy messy play activity to prepare and it encouraged so much discovery for both the adults and the children.

Parents are still asking what the Gaelic is for Gloop – is anyone able to tell us?

Carol-Anne Farquhar, CALA Gaelic Parent Toddler Development Worker, Thurso and Bettyhill