Welcome to Croy School Aged Childcare


Croy Primary School

Dalcross Road






[email protected]

Opening hours 

Monday – Friday 2pm – 6pm (Term Time Only)

Meet our Team

(further photos to follow)

Childhood Practice Manager

Lucy Barron

Senior Childcare Practitioner

Joanna Piaszczynski

Manager’s Details

Name: Lucy Barron

Email: [email protected]

Tel: 07775150594

Care Inspectorate: CS2022000319

Handy Parent Pack for CROY SAC

This booklet has been designed to provide parents with a quick guide to all useful information about starting at our setting

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Our Vision, Values and Aims

Care and Learning Alliance (CALA) are delighted to announce the opening of Croy School Aged Childcare. We will be working in partnership with the Croy, Ardesiar and other nearby communities to ensure where possible we can meet local childcare needs through flexible, accessible and affordable provision. As the setting opens we will be collaborating with parents, children and staff to develop Croy SAC’s own unique Vision, Values and aims using the foundation of CALA’s:

Care and Learning Alliance Vision, Values and Aims

Vision Statement:

  • We deliver high-quality services that nurture and support children and families
  • Children, families and our team are at the heart of all we do


  • We will provide high-quality services for children and families
  • Children and families will have access to inclusive services
  • Our workforce will be professional, skilled and valued
  • We will be a dynamic, responsive and sustainable organisation


  • Play – the right of every child
  • Respect and Integrity – in all that we do
  •  Inter-Professional Practice – effective partnerships
  • Individual Accomplishment – supporting all stakeholders to realise their full potential
  • Accessible and responsive – services for all
  • Commitment – to quality