All the latest from The Cromarty Gamezone!

A good start to the year at The Gamezone (Out of School) at Cromarty. We have been trying some fruit art, quite fiddly but well worth the effort.We have been updating our birthday balloons so we know when everyone’s birthdays are.

What great fun we had with the water beads which you can buy very cheaply from bargain stores. We left them in soak overnight and then added the food colouring and they provided hours of entertainment. Although we did find any escaping ones bounced like super balls when they hit the floor, we then played hunt the water beads!!!

We’ve been down onto the beach and links, walking along the sea wall on the way. Then had fun skimming slate into the firth.

The children love playing Monopoly and decided to spend part of their resource money on Electronic Banking Monopoly. They are even more ruthless now they have a credit card to use.

They have also been showing off their craft skills – we always have plenty of boxes at the club. Lauren, our Duke of Edinburgh volunteer, has been a great help with craft ideas to do with the children.

Claire, Louise and Karen, Cromarty Gamezone