Childrens Service Plan

The fourth integrated Children’s Service Plan for all services which work with children and young people in Highland has recently been published. It sets out the priorities for achieving the vision for all children and young people and what services need to do together to achieve them. The 14 outcomes of the plan (p. 12) are centred around the 7 well-being indicators (SHANARRI).


A Leadership Group overviews the on-going work of the 5-year plan. This group is made up of lead officers from The Highland Council, NHS Highland, SCRA and Northern Constabulary, with staff representatives from NHS Highland, The Highland Council, third sector partners (including Care and Learning Alliance), and elected members, including the Children’s Champion.

Various Improvement Groups (including Early Years, Child Protection, Additional Support Needs, Supporting Parents & Play) have been established to take ownership of the improvement agenda.

As well as being on the Leadership Group, CALA is represented on a number of Improvement Groups and continues to work in close partnership with Highland Council colleagues to provide the best services possible for Highland’s children.

forhighlandschildren-plan-2014-2019On pages 25-32 of the plan (the Performance Framework) you can see the links between the various Improvement Groups and the outcomes, how and when performance is measured, and what data is used to carry out the measuring.

The plan also contains sections on Improvement Priorities, Current Evaluation, and a very useful overview of population trends in Highland.

Have a look at, or download your copy of the 2014-2019 Children’s Plan.

Stephanie Bruce, CALA Executive Manager