The Child Protection Toolkit

The Highland Child Protection Committee’s ‘Child Protection Toolkit‘ is an invaluable resource for third sector organisations and community groups in Highland.  Some of the topics covered in the toolkit include:

  • Recruitment of Staff and Volunteers
  • Protection of Vulnerable Groups (PVG) Act 2007
  • Transporting children and young people
  • Photographing, videoing and filming
  • Dealing with a Child Protection Situation
  • A sample Child Protection Policy

These are just a few of the topics covered in the toolkit.

If your workplace is involved in the care of children, it is highly recommended you download the toolkit, and keep it on your computer to act as a reference for child protection matters.

Download the Toolkit

There are two versions of the toolkit available to download:

Click here to download the Child Protection Toolkit and Guidance for Third Sector Organisations

Click here to download the Child Protection Toolkit for Community Groups

Who are the Highland Child Protection Committee?

Highland Child Protection Committee is a multi-agency partnership responsible for:

  • Raising public awareness of child protection issues
  • Co-ordinating prevention activities with children and their families
  • Providing child protection guidance and training
  • Implementing national child protection initiatives
  • Assuring the quality of responses to child protection issues
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