Celebrating CALA’s volunteers: Aga, Margaret, Nikki and Shona

All week we have been celebrating the fantastic contribution that CALA volunteers make to their local communities. In this blog post, we focus on some of our amazing Family Support volunteers.

Volunteer Profile: Aga Rudak

“My name is Aga and I am a busy mother of two bright and lovable children. I have been volunteering with CALA Family First since Autumn 2014.”

“I started helping with a local playgroup and then working with families. Volunteering gives me the possibility to develop my professional path and also a lot of satisfaction. This kind of satisfaction is priceless. I am grateful for the opportunity to meet many people and make someone’s life better.”

Volunteer Profile: Shona Dreghorn

“I started volunteering for CALA so that I could try and make a little bit of difference to the lives of people who require some family support. I now have free time so wanted to put it to good use and it’s a great feeling knowing I can use it to help others out at a difficult time. I also decided to do it to give something back to a service I once used and was really grateful for.  I love doing the volunteering and will continue to keep doing it for as long as possible.”
To all of CALA’s volunteers, past and present, Care and Learning Alliance would like to say a big thank you for giving up your time to help make a real difference to the lives of children and families across Highland. 
Interested in volunteering for CALA? Please see our website for more information: www.careandlearningalliance.co.uk or contact our main office on 01463 222 569 
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