Celebrating our Volunteers


Volunteers’ Week is an annual event, dedicated to celebrating the work of volunteers up and down the country. Moira has been in touch to remind us of some of the incredible work being done by our Family First volunteers. Their work can make a real difference to parents, lightening their load and providing children with a variety of new experiences. Click here to learn more about volunteering with Family First.

Here is Moira to explain more:

It’s good to remember how crucial our volunteers are to the work of Family First. Each volunteer gives an average of three hours a week to support a family or help out at a group. That can mean the difference between an exhausted Mum getting a break or not, or a child getting an experience they would otherwise miss out on. It also means we can offer a more varied range of activities at our groups, drawing on the skill and experience of people from all sorts of different backgrounds.

We are lucky enough to have four volunteers working with South Skye and Lochalsh Family First at the moment. Here they are, Julie, Lynne and our two Rosies, pictured “in action” at Kyleakin Family First, which now incorporates the local Baby Group which would otherwise have had to close down.

Why do they do it? When asked, they said it was rewarding to build up a relationship with the children and their parents through visiting them at home or preparing an activity for the group which they could see was fun for the parents to do with their children.

One volunteer commented, “It was lovely to see a family grow up and be involved in some small way and follow their progress and know you had helped a little bit. No real drawbacks except perhaps having to entertain small children in the rain!”