Key messages from Highland Literacy Words Up

The following blog update comes from Norma Ruettimann, CALA Training Development Manager:


Attention all Early Learning and Childcare practitioners – the Highland Emerging Literacy Group have just released some helpful short video clips which focus on the key messages from Words Up. These will be a useful tool to support consistent implementation in your ELC settings.



Oral Language Videos – Adult/Child Interaction ‘Words Up’

The Words Up Key Messages have been created to support the development of Oral Language through the promotion of adult/child interaction. To support the Words Up Key Messages a number of videos have been created to allow practitioners to reflect on how these key messages feature in day-to-day interactions between adults and children.

  • The videos all follow a similar format:
  • Introduce the Key Message(s)
  • A short video clip
  • A reflection task to identify where they key message(s) featured
  • A section of the video clip again showing the Key Message(s).

CLICK HERE to access the Words Up Key Message support videos.