Children’s Rights

REACH have produced three short useful videos to help school pupils understand more about their rights to help pupils to access support and have a voice at school.

You can watch the videos on YouTube by clicking the links below: 

It’s not easy to talk

Your rights your say

How to make your voice heard at school

To find out more about REACH – why not visit their website:

Introducing children’s rights – a 10-minute training tool

The Scottish Government have produced a ‘ten-minute training tool’ to help educate people about the rights children are entitled to under the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.

You can download the training tool by clicking here [PDF].

Children’s Parliament Investigates…Kindness

The following blog update was taken from the PlayScotland newsletter:

Children’s human rights offer a basic standard for a life lived with dignity. When Children’s Parliament explored the realisation of rights day-to-day children talked about kindness. For children kindness means being friendly or fair to others. In the Imagining Aberdeen programme after many months of work exploring life at home, in school and in the community the messages from 300 children were distilled by them down to a list of 13 – and at no2 something very simple: Be kind to us. You can read about the project here:

You can get more information like this on our ‘Children’s Rights‘ page.

New page on the CALA website: Children’s Rights


We are pleased to be able to tell you about a new page we’ve added to the CALA website: Children’s Rights.

This page will act as a hub of information on the rights that children are entitled to under the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. The page features links to websites, documents and posters that will help you learn more about children’s rights; particularly Article 31, which states children must be afforded time for play, recreation and relaxing.

As an example, take a look at the following poster, produced by the International Play Association (IPA). The poster describes the Convention on the Rights of the Child in a style that is appealing to children, and in simple language:


You can download the poster as a PDF by clicking here. 

You can also download a Gaelic version of the poster by clicking here. 

We will be adding more content to the page as time goes on. If you think of any ways in which we could improve the page, please get in touch.

Click here to be taken to the ‘Children’s Rights’ webpage on the CALA website.