The Final Blog of the Making Time for Play Project :'(

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Hello! This is the final Blog from the Making Time for Play Project.

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I think all those taking part from the groups, families, staff,making time for play 2
volunteers and most importantly, the children would agree we’ve had a great time! We have seen real progress in getting parents and carers, often down on their knees, playing with the children in sometimes quite challenging activities for those who don’t like mess!!

The PPAs, staff and volunteers have been encouraging  adults and children over the last few years to get the most out of play (and to get over their fear of singing)!  One of the big successes is helping raise awareness of the fact you don’t have to have expensive toys to have a good time together. We all make jokes about children opening presents and then playing with the box and in many cases it really is true! As you can see from the photos, great fun was had with gloop – just cornflour and water mixed together then a handful of kitchen utensils dropped in such as sieves, spoons, potato mashers etc. As for the den – we used a parachute just tied to some chairs to create a simple den. In each case groups of children played together for up to an hour and only snack could tempt them away! We’ve explored the Play @ Home books and all the great ideas in these.

making time for play 3We’ve had hilarious puppet shows, noisy music sessions and great story times. It’s been lovely to see parents, carers and children working really closely together to create some wonderful crafts and art work and to see how it really brings them closer together. It’s also been great to see adults realising that it’s OK to take 15 – 20 minutes out of their day to play – it really does make you feel better!

It’s been a privilege working with everyone involved in the project and I hope you all keep playing and getting messy!!


Louise Gibson

Making Time for Play update

Making Time for Play – Louise’s update, Sept 2014