Frugal Fun Friday – Fathers Day Cards

Time for another Frugal Fun Friday! This week Mairianne shows us an easy way to make a personalised fathers day card by using some paper, some paint, and a foot 🙂 Click the video below to watch. Thanks Mairianne!



Frugal Friday – Dad’s Rock!

Happy Friday to you all! Mairianne is here again with another Frugal Friday. She says: “We are getting ready for father’s day on Sunday the 19th of June. We can’t forget about the amazing dads out there, especially as this year is Year of the Dad. This week’s Frugal Friday is a simple idea for a work of art that can even be displayed outside in dad’s garden :)”

Click the video below to play:


Thanks Mairianne!

Frugal Friday – More Bubbles!


Some more fun with bubbles in this week’s Frugal Friday. Mairianne explains: “This week’s Frugal Friday we are making bubbles again, just in case the sunshine stays around a bit longer! We have a simple recipe for home made bubbles and easy ways to make your own bubble blowers“.

Click the video below to watch:


Frugal Friday – making some playdough!


In this week’s Frugal Friday, Mairianne demonstrates how to make playdough. She says: “This week we are back to basics with Playdough! Takes a few minutes to make and lasts for months!

Click here to watch the video.

Thanks Mairianne! 🙂

Frugal Friday – fun with paint and a wooden spoon

Mairianne is back with another Frugal Friday. Sorry this one is a bit late! A little technical glitch on my end has made it Frugal Monday instead.

To describe this video, Mairianne says: “Today we have a simple and really fun way to make a masterpiece!

The video can be viewed by clicking here.

If you’ve had a go at one of our Frugal Friday’s, we’d love to see them. Email a photo of what you’ve made and we might just feature it in the blog!

Frugal Friday – Bubbles!


It’s Fun Frugal Friday time again 🙂 Mairianne says: “Just in case we have even more sunny days we have an easy way to make lots of bubbles with easy home made bubbles.

Click here to watch the video ?

Thanks Mairianne!

Frugal Friday Easter 5

Hey everyone!

This week we would like to introduce you to a new friend

Mr. Wiggly Caterpillar!

Thanks for another excellent video Mairianne

Happy Easter everyone


Frugal Friday Easter 4

Hey everyone!

This week we are showing how to make beautiful rattling Easter eggs!

Thanks for another excellent video Mairianne

P.S The blog is going out a little early this week due to the Easter weekend. We all hope you have an excellent time with the long weekend

-Ross, Marketing

Frugal Friday 3 Easter

Hello everyone!

This week we are making adorable hatchlings

Thanks for another excellent video Mairianne!


Easter Frugal Friday 2