Meet Bruce



As soon as we found out for sure Bruce was coming to daycare (plane tickets bought, passport ready, and eucalyptus leaves cleared by customs) we let our parents and children know.


The poster says: “Bruce the Koala has come all the way from the Outback of Australia to make new friends, who will look after him and show him what the boys and girls in daycare like to do. He likes to eat eucalyptus leaves and he needs 20 hours of sleep a day, so Bruce will need to hear your favourite bedtime story to help him get to sleep! If you could use the camera to take photos, then draw pictures of Bruce’s adventures and get a grown-up to write about them in the book and his bedtime story on the speech bubble provided and return him the next time you are in Daycare.”

Contents of Bag

  • Bruce The Koala
  • Camera
  • Bruce’s Adventure Book
  • Speech Bubble (for writing down story)
  • Instructions leaflet


Where Bruce has been so far (thank you to the parents for writing these stories in the book they return with Bruce)


What the parent said: “Bruce is a great idea to make learning fun, increasing interests and enthusiasm while still gaining knowledge.” 


What the parent said: “I thought having Bruce for the night was a brilliant idea. I enjoyed it as much as L. It was great fun taking pictures and thinking of games to play. Seeing L happy made me feel even happier.



What the parent said:  I think it is a great thing to do. It gives the children knowledge of an animal they wouldn’t normally comes across and gives them responsibility. 



Bruce will be going on plenty more adventures! If any other club would like to meet Bruce, contact daycare in Junior World and he may just pay you a visit…

Now for the science bit

How Bruce is helping daycare through Building the Ambition…



Many thanks to Alison Morrison Smith for sending through this blog post about Bruce’s adventures.