New free module on the CALA E-Learning Zone: ‘Healthy Body Image and Body Confidence’

Care and Learning Alliance are pleased to announce the launch of our latest free E-Learning module: ‘Healthy Body Image and Body Confidence’. Made in partnership with (and funded by) NHS Highland, the module is designed for parents and anyone who works with children. 

Through interactive content, including animations, links to current research and guidance and a few simple tasks and questions to help consolidate your learning, this module supports adults to support children to have a positive body image and reach their full potential.

Accessing the Module

To get started, click here to be taken to the E-Learning Zone. Simply click the green ‘add to cart’ button and you will be guided through the checkout process. Fill in a short form, press the ‘submit’ button, and that will be you up and running. 

Is it difficult to use? 

If you don’t count yourself as a proficient computer user, rest assured that the modules on the CALA E-Learning Zone are designed to be easy to access and progress through. Take a look at some of our recent feedback: 

“I was a bit unsure before I started but got on well”

“Simple and informative”

“It’s easy to use and is great for CPD. I’d like to do more modules and regularly check for course updates.”

And if you do get stuck, just send an email to [email protected] and we will do our best to help. 

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Digital Learning

Education Scotland’s National Digital Learning Week takes place from 14 – 18 May and this year celebrates the Year of Young People. Find out more at

Why not have a go at some digital learning yourself by trying CALA’s e-learning on our E-Learning zone. Our range of introductory level modules are designed to support the learning and development of practitioners, professionals, parents, students and volunteers. Thanks to funding from the Scottish Government’s CYPEIF and other partners, we are able to offer some of our modules free of charge, others at a minimal cost. All courses are certificated to demonstrate your CPD.

What users have said:

Very easy to use. Interesting content in small bite-sized chunks of information which is perfect for me.
– ELC Practitioner, Inverness October 2017

“The animations and short video clips along with the interactive tasks really supported my learning style.” 
– Children’s Support Worker,  Moray, September 2017

“Very informative and relevant, easy to navigate.”
– Caroline, Childminder, East Renfrewshire November 201

“I love these courses, the fact that I can do them from home while my own children are with me is a great bonus.”
– Kerry, ELC Practitioner, Inverness, November 2017

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‘How We Eat’ – The newest course on the CALA E-Learning Zone


Care and Learning Alliance are very pleased to announce the launch of our newest E-Learning course: ‘How We Eat‘. Made in collaboration with NHS Highland, ‘How We Eat’ is designed to support parents and those working with young children and families. The course aims to help children become competent eaters, enabling them to grow at a rate that is right for them.

Click here to be taken to the CALA E-Learning Zone, where you can sign up to ‘How We Eat’ for free. 

Course Information

Parents/carers and those working with and for young children and families are well placed to support and guide young children to develop eating strategies which will help them make appropriate food choices and appreciate that people come in all shapes and sizes. This course shares strategies to help children to become competent eaters and grow at a rate that is right for them.

The course is interactive with animations and scenarios with simple questions to consolidate your learning throughout.

We’re very proud of our new course and would love for you to try it. It’s easy to sign up, and you’ll be taken step by step through the material.

Click here to be taken to the CALA E-Learning Zone, where you can sign up to ‘How We Eat’ for free. 

New Course on the CALA E-Learning Zone – an Introduction to Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE)


Child Protection is Everyone’s Responsibility

The CALA training team, working in partnership, are delighted to announce the launch of another new FREE interactive e-learning module which can be easily accessed on your smart phone, tablet, laptop or PC: ‘an Introduction to Child Sexual Exploitation’.

We may not like to think that this happens, however, sadly it does. This interactive e-module blends theory, information and guidance to help us be aware of CSE and help keep children safe.

Click here to access this FREE module and browse our other courses on our E-learning Zone.

Announcing the launch of the newest course on the CALA E-Learning Zone


The CALA training team have been busy over the summer developing another new short format interactive e-learning module which can be easily accessed on your smart phone, tablet, laptop or PC: ‘Supporting Young Children’s Behaviour; guidance and ideas for staff and parents‘.

The module is also available in a shorter format: ‘Supporting Young Children’s Behaviour; ideas for parents‘.

We have produced promotional videos, to give you a better understanding of our new module: Practitioners video | Parents video.

As parents, carers, practitioners and family members we’ve all wondered at one time or another why children behave in certain ways and what we can to do support them, so why not come and have a look! Click here to have a look at these and other modules on the CALA Early Learning Zone.

Funded by the Scottish Government’s Children and Young People’s Early Intervention Fund.

Literacy; Learning for Life – the Newest Module on the CALA E-Learning Zone


We are pleased to announce that CALA’s latest online module is now live. It’s called ‘Literacy; Learning for Life’, and is packed full of useful information on promoting childhood literacy and language development.

You can access the course by going to: and clicking on ‘our courses’. If you are a CALA staff member, you should already see the module available to you when you log in.

For a limited time we are offering 50% off the price of the module! That means you get it for just £5. To take advantage of this, use the voucher code: ‘Literacy‘ in the checkout. But hurry, the offer will run out on Friday 17th March!

Course Description

If you’d like to know more about the module, click the image below to watch a short video about what to expect. Thanks very much to Corrina (CALA’s answer to Steven Spielberg) for producing the video.


The content of this module is designed to support all practitioners working in early learning and childcare, as well as parents and carers who would like to give their child the best start in life.

Through research and experience we have seen that prioritising early literacy is one of the easiest and best ways to help children develop and reach their potential. This module provides information about a range of ways to support and develop children’s early literacy; skills which really do support learning for life!

The module is a mixed media presentation which will guide you through key messages in a clear, straightforward and interesting way. We hope that you will find the mix of audio, video and interactive activities, along with a range of suggested reading, informative and interesting.

Click here to visit the CALA E-Learning Zone