Love is in the air at Seaboard Toddlers

The following blog article was submitted by Fiona Thorpe, CALA Toddler Group Facilitator:


At Seaboard Toddlers, Balintore, we made a great valentines mess.

The toddlers at Seaboard Toddlers really enjoyed exploring all the different colours and textures when they were making Valentine’s pictures. Instead of choosing their items at the table, they explored them in the big tray which was much more fun! This meant even the young babies could come and crawl through and play while the older children could rummage for interesting items for their pictures. One of the toddlers enjoyed rolling around in the messy tray so much she went home covered in pink glitter.

Seaboard Toddlers meet in the Seaboard Hall, Balintore every Thursday 10.00-11.30 and are regularly supported by a CALA Toddler Group Facilitator.

Snowman Winner!