Nessie’s Nippers visit the Floral Hall in Inverness and learn all about fish


The children at Nessie’s Nippers voted for a trip to the Floral Hall in Inverness as their end of term trip in June. They had been learning about the Sea and were particularly interested in Fish. Using technology, they had been learning how fish move, their colour, size and shape. They had tasted different types of seafood at snack time, and expressed their ideas as they explored the anatomy, smell and feel of a whole fish from the supermarket:

‘it has a tongue’, ‘how does it breathe?’, ‘it smells disgusting!’

Seeing fish in action at the Floral Hall was a great way to support their discoveries and their project to create a tank full of fish for the interest table. The children were also excited to explore the other different environments at the Floral Hall recalling previous learning about the Desert and Rainforest. What a great learning experience and wonderful time for us all.

You can share in the children’s discoveries by clicking on the link below.

From Deanne and Lorraine