Nessie’s Nippers visit the Floral Hall in Inverness and learn all about fish


The children at Nessie’s Nippers voted for a trip to the Floral Hall in Inverness as their end of term trip in June. They had been learning about the Sea and were particularly interested in Fish. Using technology, they had been learning how fish move, their colour, size and shape. They had tasted different types of seafood at snack time, and expressed their ideas as they explored the anatomy, smell and feel of a whole fish from the supermarket:

‘it has a tongue’, ‘how does it breathe?’, ‘it smells disgusting!’

Seeing fish in action at the Floral Hall was a great way to support their discoveries and their project to create a tank full of fish for the interest table. The children were also excited to explore the other different environments at the Floral Hall recalling previous learning about the Desert and Rainforest. What a great learning experience and wonderful time for us all.

You can share in the children’s discoveries by clicking on the link below.

From Deanne and Lorraine


Nessie’s Nippers go Camping!

The following blog article was submitted by Julia McNeil, CALA Childhood Practice Manager:


Nessie’s Nippers had a wee adventure camping in the woods, pitching their tent, collecting fire wood, and having a snack.

The children were learning about how to keep safe, to respect the environment, and have some fun telling stories around the fire and singing some songs

We all had a great day! 🙂

-Julia McNeil

To see more of the Nipper’s escapades in the great outdoors, click here to download a Powerpoint presentation that Julia sent through.

Nessies Nippers achieve silver Eco Award!


Big congratulations to the children and staff at Nessies Nippers, who just achieved their Silver Eco Award! The boys and girl of Nessies Nippers have put a lot of work in to learning about the various ways they can help the environment, and they’ve been duly rewarded for their hard work.

Well done to everyone involved! applause

If you’d like to follow in the green footsteps of Nessies Nippers and apply for an award for your centre, you can do so by visiting the Eco-Schoools website.

Nessie’s Nipper’s trip to Simpson’s Garden Centre


Children and staff at Nessie’s Nipper’s took a trip recently to Simpson’s Garden Centre. The kid’s enjoyed planting flowers, feeding fish, making badges and a treasure hunt.

The trip was part of Nessie’s Nipper’s eco project, in which they are working towards their silver flag.

Click here to download a powerpoint presentation with more details of the trip.

Eco School Awards


As well as my usual support visits in our managed Early Learning and childcare centres, this session I have also been working with four centres on Eco School awards. WECC and Nessie’s Nippers are well on their way to achieving the Silver Award, while Lochinver are working towards their Green Flag. St John’s are working on their third Green Flag!

As the centres have realised during this time, a lot of the work we are doing in our centres links straight into the Eco Award criteria, for example healthy eating, toothbrushing, planting and growing and outdoor play. There is lots of help and advice on the Keep Scotland Beautiful website – and of course from me!

I would like to thank all the staff involved for their enthusiasm in taking their awards forward – and I’m looking forward to seeing their successful completion. Well done!

– Jane Whitaker, Practice Support Advisor

Nessies Nippers trip to Fort George

Hello everyone

Please enjoy our power point showing all the fun we had learning about soldiers. Also our trip to Fort George.

Hope you all enjoying your Easter Holidays

Nessies Nippers Soldier Powerpoint 

Tracy Deanne and all children in Nessies Nippers 


Learning about space