Golspie ELC Celebrate Burns Day

For snack, we had haggis, neeps and tatties. We learnt that neeps are also called turnips and that tatties are really potatoes.

After snack, we had a special visit from a pupil who plays the Bagpipes at Golspie High School and he played “Amazing Grace” for us. The Bagpipes sounded a lot better than Julie pretending to play them. 

The boys and girls at Golspie ELC enjoyed celebrating and learning about Burns night.

– Julie Shaw, Golspie ELC Manager

The children of Golspie ELCC Have Been Learning About Dinosaurs.

The following blog post comes from Julie Shaw, Manager at Golspie ELC:


We have been learning about Dinosaurs and wanted to learn which dinosaur was the biggest out of a Triceratops, Velociraptor and T Rex. We looked in books to find out how tall they are, we used rulers, tape measures and then we laid in the floor to see how tall they are compared to us.

We learnt that a Velociraptor is as tall as one if us, a triceratops is as tall as 4 of us and the T-Rex is the biggest and is as big as 12 of us – Now that is big!!

We also wanted to learn how a dinosaur moves and if they give birth to a live baby or an egg. To find out how they moved we visited the local library to look on the internet and we found out that some dinosaurs walked on 2 legs whilst some walked on all fours and some could even fly and swim.

We found out that a dinosaur lays eggs and the baby dinosaur hatches out of the egg. We did an experiment using an egg and water. Then we waited 2 days for the magic to happen. Here are some photos of us doing out our experiment:


We have also learned about the different patterns and textures that can be found on a dinosaur, some have spots, stripes and zig zags. Some feel scaly and rough whilst some feel smooth, we used our toys dinosaurs to find this out.

We used saving foam, gloop, texture boards to make some of the patterns that we saw on them, we liked the shaving foam.


We then used a skipping rope to make the different shapes on the floor, we had to try and keep our balance when walking along the skipping rope this was very hard, so we helped each other by holding hands.


We learned a new dinosaur song. Here are the words:

Little Dinsosaurs

1 Little, 2 Little, 3 Little Dinosaurs

4 Little, 5 Little, 6 Little Dinosaurs

7 Little, 8 Little, 9 Little Dinosaurs

10 Dinosaurs go ROAR

We have enjoyed learning about Dinosaurs.

Golspie ELCC and Seaforth House – Time for a Cuppa

The following blog post was submitted by Julie Shaw, Golspie ELC Manager / Senior EY Practitioner:


The children and staff at Golspie ELC joined the residents of Seaforth House in an intergenerational fundraising event on Monday 6th March 2017 to help raise funds for Admiral Nurses. Admiral nurses help people who suffer from Dementia as well as giving support to their families.

Read the full report by clicking here [MS Word].