Happy Christmas, from Sutherland Stepping Stones and Ceuman Beaga

Sutherland Stepping Stones


Annarie from Sutherland Stepping Stones: “I have attached a photo of our new Sleigh. We are looking after it for santa. Stepping Stones would also like to wish all our service users a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Ceuman Beaga, Inverness


Maree from Ceuman Beaga: “I hope that you have a lovely holiday. Nollaig Chridheil agus Bliadhna Mhath Ur dhut!

Bogadh airson Ùbhlan (Dooking for Apples)

The following article was submitted by Maree Nicolson, CALA Gaelic Parent & Toddler Development Worker, on behalf of Ceuman Beaga Inbhir Nis (Inverness)
dooking1Faodaidh fear de na geamaichean Samhna as sine againn ‘Bogadh airson Ùbhlan’ a bhith rudeigin doirbh dhan fheadhainn bheaga. Aig Ceuman Beaga Inbhir Nis, sheall fear de na Dadaidhean dhuinn mar a bu chòir dhuinn a dhèanamh. ’S math a rinn thu Iain!

Nuair a tha sinn a’ coimhead gu dlùth air na cur-seachadan sìmplidh a tha sna buidhnean 0-3 againn, tha beartas de ionnsachadh ri fhaighinn air culaibh an spòrs. Ann an seo chi sinn gu bheil an inbheach a toirt taic dhan leanabh airson pàirt a ghabhal ann an cur seachad nach eil i eolach air.

English Translation:

One of the oldest Halloween games, ”Dooking for Apples’ can be a little tricky for our little ones. At ‘Ceuman Beaga Inverness’ one of the Dads didn’t need much persuading to give a little demonstration. Well done Iain!

When we look closely at simple activities at our 0-3 groups, there is a wealth of learning behind all the fun. Here we see that the adult is encouraging the child to take part in an activity that she has never seen before by showing her what to do.



Cuairt Fhoghair an Tòir air a’ Ghrufallo (Autumn Walk in Search for The Gruffalo)


’S e fìor dheagh chothrom a tha san fhoghar gus aodach blàth a chur oirbh is ùine a chur seachd a-muigh. ’S e sin an dearbh rud a rinn Ceuman Beaga Inbhir Nis agus Cròileagan a’ Chaolais o chionn ghoirid. Chaidh an dà bhuidhinn an tòir air a’ Ghrufallo agus abair gun robh deagh latha aca! Ann an Drochaid a’ Bhanna dh’fhàg e lorgan-coise agus grunn rudan eile a bha aig a’ bhuidhinn ri lorg. Ann an Inbhir Nis, bha ìomhaighean snaighte snoga den Ghrufallo agus a charaidean ann an Coille Chùil Lodair. Fhad ’s a bha a’ chlann a’ gabhail biadh a-muigh, leugh Seanair Anna An Grufallo dhaibh sa Ghàidhlig is abair gun do chòrd sin glan riutha.


English Translation:

Autumn is a perfect opportunity to wrap up warm and explore the outdoors. That is exactly what Ceuman Beaga in Inverness and Cròileagan a’ Chaolais in Bonar Bridge did recently. Both groups went in search of The Grufallo and they were not disappointed! In Bonar Bridge he left footprints and a variety of other things that the group had to search for. In Inverness, there were fine wooden sculptures of The Grufallo and his many friends to be found in Culloden Woods. Whilst the children picnicked, the children were treated to Anna’s Grandad reading the Gaelic version of The Grufallo to them while they munched away contently.

Up, Up and Away! Suas, Suas agus air Falbh!


With the slight breeze that was present, we had multi-coloured streamers rustling in the background ready for making kites but it was the bubble making activity that provided much entertainment for all – especially the Dads!

The homemade recipe proved a success and the recipe was passed on to continue the fun at home. It was simple! Fairy Liquid, Water and Glycerine. A shallow tray and cooking utensils, was all that was required.

The children happily chased the bubbles which in the gentle breeze was carried up, up and away. That’s if they weren’t caught first!

– Lisa Stuart