A Rainy Day in Spring: Smile Anyway!

The following blog post was submitted by Lisa MacDonald, CALA Gaelic Parent Toddler Worker:


The young toddlers who attend Brògan Beaga in Ullapool are really getting into their food. A few of them are just beginning to explore the textures and tastes of solid foods and love the variety and the surprises that lie in store for them. Oranges after sweet red peppers, houmous after cream cheese. One loves black pepper crackers and another just can’t get enough of pomegranates.

The children all took different learning experiences from today’s activity: one spent a while exploring the texture of houmous with his hands while two wee boys delighted in the surprising way their snack looked back at them. We sang ‘Cluasan, sùilean, sròn is beul’ which helped the adults to support the children’s language learning.

‘Cluich Mothachail ann an Inbhir Theòrsa (‘Sensory Play’ in Thurso)

The following blog article was sent through by Maree Nicolson, Gaelic Parent & Toddler Development Worker:

Bha gu leòr a’ tachairt aig ‘Na Rionnagan Beaga’ madainn Diluain sa chaidh! Thadhal Maree oirre airson seisean Cluich @ Taigh a libhrigeadh. Bhathar a’ coimhead air ‘Cluich Mothachail’ agus gu deirbh fhèine fhuaireadh fiosrachadh gu leòr anns an uair gu leth goirid a bha seo.

sensory-playBha àite beag dorcha air a thogail anns an oisean le plaide – car coltach ri uaimh! Na bhroinn, bha solais le diofar dathan a’ deàrrsadh. ‘S e spòrs a bha seo dhan fheadhain bheaga – Biùganan san dorchadas!

Bòtail Basdal, rud cho sìmplidh sa ghabhas! Bhathar air am beò-ghlachadh leis an seo, direach a’ cur basdal ann am bòtal uisge. Cho math ‘s a bha na corragan beaga airson na piosan meanbh a chur ann an gob a bhòtail.

Thadhal na sgoilearan bhon Ionad Gàidhlig aig Bun-Sgoil Mount Pleasant air am buidheann còmhla ris a’ chlann bho Cròileagan Inbhir Theòrsa. Na measg bha da Phìobaire còmhla ri nighean òg a bha a’ cluich am Bogsa-ciùil. Shèinn iad uile òran neo dha. ‘S iad a bha math!

‘Sensory Play’ in Thurso

There was plenty happening at ‘Na Rionnagan Beaga’ toddler group last Monday morning. Maree visited to deliver a [email protected] session. The theme was ‘ Sensory Play’ and they sure did get a lot of experiences in that short hour and a half.

sensory-play-2In a corner there was a small dark den built with blankets and a tarpaulin – it was like a cave! Inside there were lights of different colours lighting up the space. It was such fun for the little ones – Torches in the darkness.

Glitter Bottles – something so simple! They were enchanted by these and just putting glitter in a bottle of water. The little fingers were so good for picking up the minute pieces of glitter and feeding them into the mouth of the bottle.

The school children from the Gaelic unit at Mount Pleasant Primary School visited along with the children from the Thurso Gaelic Playgroup. In their midst, 2 young Pipers and 1 Accordionist. Then all sang a song or two. They were fantastic!