Carnival Time at Little Storks

Traditionally in Poland, after the New Year’s Eve, carnival begins. It takes a few weeks. During the carnival, people are having fun, feasts, there are outdoor musical concerts with well-known singers, and people traditionally dance and sing.

We decided to do the same in Little Storks Baby & Toddler Group. We had lots of fun when children dressed up, danced and made lovely crafts.



Children played and danced with Polish music and with the help of a parent made traditional and colourful carnival masks – girls did a colourful butterfly and were so proud of themselves.



Traditionally, the carnival ends with Fat Thursday, which starts the last week of the carnival during which Polish people eat lots of doughnuts. Children in the group had an opportunity to eat, for snack, a small piece of the doughnut too – yummy!

Kasia Boesche, CALA Bi-lingual Family Transition Coordinator