‘Careers in Early Learning and Childcare’ – a new page on the CALA website

If you are considering embarking on a career in Early Learning and Childcare, you might be interested in a new webpage we’ve just launched on the CALA website. 

Our new ‘Careers in Early Learning and Childcare‘ page is packed full of useful information for anyone with an interest in ELC.

The page contains information on: 

  • What to expect from a job in ELC
  • Information on pay, working hours and holiday entitlement
  • Advice on the qualifications you will be required to work towards as an ELC practitioner 
  • Information on volunteering with CALA, as well as details of our #OpeningDoors programme and the CALA Staffbank. Perfect for people who’d like to build up their experience and confidence before taking up a permanent position in ELC 
  • Links to useful websites that provide further guidance on careers in ELC

With the expansion of ELC to 1140 hours by 2020, an estimated 11,000 additional staff will be required. If you’d like to be one of them, begin your journey by visiting: https://www.careandlearningalliance.co.uk/careers-in-elc/

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