The CALA Annual Conference is fast approaching!

The CALA Annual Conference is fast approaching!

Make sure to sign up for the day ASAP as there are still a few places available.cala-logo

The conference is taking place on the 30th of September (right around the corner!) at Greyfriars and Stratherrick Free Church, Balloan Road . We hope to see you there!

The conference this year is tackling some of the pressing issues facing modern families.

With a welcome by MSP Mark McDonald we will be kicked off to an exciting and engaging day.  Followed by a keynote speech from Karyn McCluskey, Director of the Scottish Violence Reduction Unit, in which she will discuss the long term impact of key factors in childhood and family dynamics.

This will be followed by a selection of delegate workshops covering a wide range of topics and a delicious 2 course buffet lunch.  Add to that more workshops in the afternoon and the availability of a children’s crèche to allow you to relax and enjoy your day fully.

Workshop summary below; to find out more click on the titles.

A Family Man: the role of men in 21st century FamiliesDavid Deveney

David Devenney, Head of Programmes with Fathers Network Scotland, will discuss the influence of men in the home and how to involve fathers in meaningful ways in the raising and caring of children.

Covering topics

  • Why focus on dads? What has changed?
  • Diversity of dads’ roles.
  • Who benefits when we include men in childcare /families?
  • What can we do as Early Learning and Childcare Practitioners – what works?

Healthy Minds, Happy Children

Linda Thom, Promoting Positive Relationships Team Lead & Emma Campbell, Primary Mental Health Worker, Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service will be looking at how mental health can affect parents and children in different ways, the increasing incidence of mental ill health and what strategies we can use to support children and families.

Linda and Emma

Highland Council

Supporting Parents along the Journey of Child’s Development

James McTaggart, Educational Psychologist with Highland Council will be delivering a workshop discussing how Developmental Overviews can be used by professionals, the benefits to children and the impact on their development.Developmental Overviews

The other side of the coin: the impact of poverty on our children

Hanna McCulloch, Policy and Parliamentary Officer for the Child Poverty Action Group (CPAG) will be delivering a workshop discussing how child poverty affects children and families, including a look at the most recent research on this highly relevant and topical subject.CPAG Blogpost

Hanna McCulloch

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