Building the Ambition with Play into Practice

PiP-Intro-2015.11-03November saw delivery of three introductory sessions from the 5 day ‘Play into Practice’ accredited course, developed by CALA and HiMATS, and designed for those working in OSC (Out of School Care).

Taking account of the national guidance ‘Building the Ambition’ and the Children and Young People Scotland Act 2014, which recognise that play and learning takes place in all quality childcare provisions, this training was attended by a range of practitioners from ELCC and OSC including childminders, preschool, and daycare.

Workshops included a blend of theory, discussion and practical sessions on play using air, water and loose parts as you can see from the slide show. Thanks to all attendees for sharing their experiences, input, and highly interactive engagement which made for some great active learning and fun!

Evaluation quotes on learning gained:

“ To be creative and allow children to lead.”

“Children’s rights, adult role as facilitator and supporter.”

“How to observe play properly, support and extend.”

“Not to jump in and take over, watch for play cues.”

“Children need to experience risk and challenge.”

“Ages and stages – need to meet varying needs.”

“16 Play types.”

Interested? Look out on our blog for spring dates for the next course!

Norma Ruettimann, CALA Training Development Manager