Building the Ambition Training at Arnhall Nursery

Despite the snowy and icy weather, there was a warm welcome at Arnhall Nursery in Dunblane on Saturday 16th January when the staff team got together with our Care and Learning Alliance (CALA) trainers for a full day’s training on Building the Ambition.


As you can see from the photos, the staff team worked hard and engaged enthusiastically in group activities, whole group discussion, professional reflection and forward planning to implement ideas shared and learning gained linked to the guidance to plan continuous improvement.



Some comments from attendees included:

Something I learned:
1.     Feel I have took in a lot about BTA and can see how this will affect my practice and children using it correctly.
2.     I feel  the document is much clearer and has given me an insight into the thing which could be implemented in my setting.
3.     How to incorporate the ‘drivers’ into the planning. How to continually improve children’s experiences.

Something I felt:
1.     Very good course, I feel inspired and encouraged to use good practice.
2.     The course was very well structured and clear, left me with a thorough understanding.
3.     Course was delivered very professionally, ladies made us feel comfortable.

What I will use in practice:
1.     Taking away a lot of planning and interaction techniques.
2.     I will use more of BTA in practice and planning
3.     Discovery play and planning.

Norma Ruettimann, CALA Training Development Manager