Bookbug’s Big Giggle at Alness Little Storks

The following blog post was submitted by Monika Maleszka-Ritchie, CALA Bi-lingual Coordinator:


This year’s Bookbug Week was celebrated at the Alness Little Storks. The theme was ‘Bookbug’s Big Giggle’, which we shared with lots of cool songs and rhymes.

Although Alness Little Storks is a Polish group, everybody got giggling with ‘We are going on the Bear Hunt’, which was chock full of silliness and fun. We have been walking though water (“splishy sploshy” / “pluskpluskplusk”) and through woods made of sticks. We have been tiptoeing on the grass and crushing tissue paper and tin foil to make lots of funny noises.

Cotton balls are always funny – and they also make great snow, so soft and not cold at all! Eventualy we met a bear in the dark cave – and even though he was not scary at all, we ran as fast as we could all the way home. Remember, having a giggle and being a wee bit silly (zwariowani in Polish) is really important in promoting positive mental health in babies and children… even their parents and carers too!

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