Baby Massage in Caithness

(First posted on by CALA Childhood Practice)

At our baby massage sessions we provide a warm, informal atmosphere for parents and babies and infants to enjoy and to help them relax. Baby massage has many benefits:

For baby:

  • Bonding – quality time for parent and baby
  • Colic – helps with digestion and the movement of gases. This will help a baby/infant relax.
  • Restlessness – over a period of time massage can soothe and comfort a baby/infant as they become used to the massage. Often, a baby/infant will fall asleep after a massage.
  • Pain, Discomfort – again, through regular use, massage can work as a relaxation tool.
  • Strengthening Primary System – massage helps to strengthen and regulate the primary system i.e. the respiratory, circulation, nervous, musculature and gastrointestinal system.

For parents:

  • Bonding – by learning baby massage parents open themselves up to being truly loving and gentle with their child. A special bonding time between baby/infant and themselves.
  • Communication – massage can help parents to communicate at a very deep level the love and respect they have for their baby/infant. The baby often responds to all with pleasure.
  • Confidence – by practising baby massage regularly, parents can build up their confidence in handling their own baby.
  • Support – by attending a baby massage class, parents are receiving additional support in their role as a parent. Whilst enjoying refreshments, there are opportunities for discussion and friendships are formed.
  • Fathers – mothers and fathers are equally involved. Baby massage is a beautiful way to provide nurturing emotional care by both parents. It provides an opportunity for the father to engage in bonding and communication. He will be able to increase his confidence in handling and caring for his baby while mums can have a much needed rest.

Nicolle Bremner, CALA Parent & Toddler Group Facilitator