Frugal Fun Friday – Little Sammy Snowman!

Many thanks to everyone who has recently been giving me positive feedback on my Frugal Fun Friday posts, including this online comment:


This week, as we don’t have any snow yet, I thought I’d share the recipe (see poster below) for building your own snowman indoors.

Once you’ve done that you can teach your little one this Christmas song (to the tune of Little Peter Rabbit). You can listen to Charlotte (aged 8) with assistance and actions by Oliver (aged 4) to keep you right!

foam-snowmanLittle Sammy Snowman’s got a snowflake on his nose (x3)
so he flipped it, and he flopped it, and it flew away

Clap your hands and stamp your feet, and shake up all the snow (x3)
Do a jump, turn around, and Ho! Ho! Ho!

Mairianne Nairn, CALA Parent Toddler Coordinator