Maths week: 10th – 16th September 2018

Maths week is a good time to take a look at how you are providing numeracy and maths experiences across your setting. There’s a whole lot of resources available to support you, the children and their families so we’ve put together just some of them below for you. Not an exhaustive list by any means but hopefully a few wee ideas to get you going!

Lots of people have hang-ups about maths work so remember it’s all about having fun with numbers, exploring and experimenting. As we know, children learn really well through sensory experiences and playing outdoors with open-ended resources so see how many different ways you can bring numeracy and maths into all the regular activities on offer – opportunities in the sandpit, mud kitchen etc for pouring, measuring, estimating, using mathematical language to compare and describe the glorious concoctions! Collect different kinds of loose parts e.g. different sizes and shapes of boxes, sticks, leaves or anything you can find, and you have ready-made resources to explore all aspects of numeracy and maths.

Here are just a few websites you can look at for some inspiration, guidance and ideas.

Highland Council Numeracy Blog

Creative Star: Juliet Robertson – great ideas for using loose parts and outdoor maths experiences. 

Twinkl – a free downloadable resource pack for Maths Week which could spark some ideas for you. 

If you, or other adults, or parents and carers want to improve their own number skills or help their children there are a lot of resources available from National Numeracy here:

Don’t forget all the different songs, rhymes and story books you can use that are full of maths ideas. There are so many counting stories and books full of rich colours and patterns to spark conversation. Why not act some out, or make up your own? We know that using our whole bodies helps learning. There’s some ideas of books to borrow from the library here:

Whatever you do – have loads of fun with numeracy and maths and send us some stories and photos of what you get up to!

Marion Laidlaw

CALA Improvement Coordinator

Upcoming Training: Activity & Wellbeing (free to all Highland childcare practitioners)

The Scottish out of School Care Network (SOSCN) offers these two FREE workshop training sessions on ‘Activity & Wellbeing; the first steps’ and ‘Activity & Wellbeing; next steps’. Delivered in partnership with Care and Learning Alliance, these sessions are being delivered in Inverness. The sessions are available to all childcare practitioners working in Highland.

To book your place at one or both of these training sessions, please visit:

This training looks at barriers to physical activity, how these can be overcome and the importance of being active for supporting the healthy development of children. These topics are covered by staff discussion, theory and case studies.

For more information on these training sessions, please download the course flyer by clicking here. 

Dates and Times

Activity & Wellbeing; the first steps – Sat 29th Sep 2018 – 10 am – 12 pm.

Activity & Wellbeing; the next steps – Sat 3rd Nov 2018 – 10 am – 12pm.

Culloden and Balloch Baptist Church, Inverness IV2 7GS


Upcoming Training: Taking Literacy and Numeracy Outdoors

25th September 2018 – Portree Primary School, Portree (9.30am – 3pm)

A highly practical, energising day which is designed to support practitioners to further develop the quality of children’s learning outdoors. We will blend theory with practice using the rich outdoor learning environment to support the development of cross-curricular learning including early literacy and numeracy. We will consider the need for the balance between child-led and ‘adult-intended’ learning experiences in line with the guidance within ‘Building the Ambition’ 2014 and ‘My World Outdoors’ 2016 using simple, low cost ideas and strategies which support implementation of aspects of Highland Literacy and Numeracy progression and Education Scotland’s ‘Benchmarks.’

A large part of the day will be spent developing our own learning outdoors, so we advise you to bring suitable outdoor clothing and footwear for the conditions on the day along with a packed lunch and refreshments.

Book now on using the Highland Council CPD Calendar:

Please note you must work in Highland in order to book on to this course.