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Culbokie Fun Club – March/April Newsletter


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Children’s Parliament Investigates…Kindness

The following blog update was taken from the PlayScotland newsletter:

Children’s human rights offer a basic standard for a life lived with dignity. When Children’s Parliament explored the realisation of rights day-to-day children talked about kindness. For children kindness means being friendly or fair to others. In the Imagining Aberdeen programme after many months of work exploring life at home, in school and in the community the messages from 300 children were distilled by them down to a list of 13 – and at no2 something very simple: Be kind to us. You can read about the project here: http://www.childrensparliament.org.uk/childrens-parliament-investigates-kindness/

You can get more information like this on our ‘Children’s Rights‘ page.

Statutory Guidance on Gaelic Education

The following blog post was submitted by Lisa MacDonald, CALA Gaelic Parent Toddler Worker:


The Statutory Guidance on Gaelic Education was published last month. Highland Council are proud to have been a key contributor in the consultation and formulation process, along with Bòrd na Gàidhlig, the Scottish Government, Education Scotland, COSLA and Glasgow City Council.

Although the Guidance, which is founded upon Section 9 of the Gaelic Language (Scotland) Act 2005, is mainly aimed at Education Authorities, it does contain helpful information for parents. It outlines the clear vision and the principles through which Gaelic education should be delivered across all Local Authorities, building on best practice and highlighting the duty to promote and support Gaelic. It may be of particular interest to parents to note that the Guidance very clearly describes the assessment process for the provision of Gaelic medium primary education, represented in an easy-to-follow graphic format.

Read the statutory guidance by clicking here [PDF].

A Rainy Day in Spring: Smile Anyway!

The following blog post was submitted by Lisa MacDonald, CALA Gaelic Parent Toddler Worker:


The young toddlers who attend Brògan Beaga in Ullapool are really getting into their food. A few of them are just beginning to explore the textures and tastes of solid foods and love the variety and the surprises that lie in store for them. Oranges after sweet red peppers, houmous after cream cheese. One loves black pepper crackers and another just can’t get enough of pomegranates.

The children all took different learning experiences from today’s activity: one spent a while exploring the texture of houmous with his hands while two wee boys delighted in the surprising way their snack looked back at them. We sang ‘Cluasan, sùilean, sròn is beul’ which helped the adults to support the children’s language learning.