Skills Investment Plan for Scotland’s early learning and childcare sector


Skills Development Scotland have released their ‘Early Learning and Childcare Skills Investment Plan Prospectus’, which lays out high level targets for the early learning and childcare sector. The following text was taken from the press release of the report:

“Attracting a more diverse workforce has to be a top priority for the Early Learning and Childcare sector in Scotland.

SDS has published its Early Learning and Childcare Skills Investment Plan Prospectus in partnership with industry, which lays out high level targets for the sector.

A detailed action plan will be published later in 2017.

The Prospectus is part of the response to the increase in Scottish Government targets for free early learning and childcare provision, it sets out direction and actions to ensure the sector has the workforce to fuel the expansion, and provide high-quality, flexible and accessible childcare across the country.”

Read the full prospectus by clicking here [PDF].

Training Opportunity: Risk, Benefits and Choices in Play Linked to My World Outdoors


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Penguin Adventures with Reay Under 5’s

The following blog post was submitted by Yvonne Morris from Reay Under 5’s:

Penguin Adventures


One of the children took in a book about The Emperor Penguin which started an interest.

The children learnt lots of amazing facts about the Penguin such as where they live and what they eat and how tall they are. We looked at some really interesting books story and factual books. Through discussion with the children they decided they would like to make a life sized Emperor Penguin, the children decided they would sponge paint. After the wonderful Penguin was made we thought we would compare their size to the Penguin. We even played a Penguin gym game children made own choice and actions for the penguins to do, such as jumping, hopping and swimming. We provided lots of learning opportunities across the curriculum.

And Other Animals Too…


The children showed an interest in animals following on from our Penguins. We provided lots of resources relating to this, such as Vet Set, Playmobile Zoo, jigsaws and table top games and learnt the song, ‘We are all going to the Zoo’.

penguin-measuringThe children got really interested in animals, they all choose an animal and had to find out how tall it was at home, great way of involving parents in their child’s learning. We had hedgehogs, cow and a giraffe to name a few. We then looked at this information with the children. We measured it out first on the floor using masking tape and chalk. We then had fun seeing how many children were as tall as the animals. We then measured out a roll of wallpaper printed out pictures of animals and measured again. We left this on floor for children to observe and play with. Some children used their imagination as they played with this, using Vet set, Fantastic.

Lots of great role-play going on, children using their imagination as they played together co-operatively. They had the confidence to share their thoughts and ideas as they played together in our local Vet Surgery. Good use of play equipment developing their fine motor skills as they bandaged up their animals. Communicating well to each other working out who was going to be the vets and who was going to be working in the reception. Again lots of learning across the curriculum.

Upcoming Training – Play and Learning into Practice (Strathpeffer Community Centre)


For more information and to book a free place contact Care and Learning alliance on 01463 703033.

Download the flyer and booking form as a PDF by clicking here. 

Frugal Fun Friday – Easter Week 2

For this weeks Frugal Fun Friday, Mairianne shows us how to make some fun ‘Easter shakers’. Here she is to explain more:

The second week of our Easter theme, we have a great activity that grown ups can make for little ones! 


Free Training Opportunity: an Evening Workshop for Childminders


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National Day Nurseries Association – Annual Nursery Survey 2017

The National Day Nurseries Association (NDNA) have released the results of a survey they conducted of 221 Scottish Early Learning and Childcare settings. The report highlights some interesting findings on topics such as fees, occupancy, funded places and business rates.

You can read the full report by clicking here [PDF].

How to become an ‘unfeartie’

The following blog article comes from Norma Ruettimann, CALA Training Development Manager:


Following on from our recent article on Children’s Rights, we’d like to share how you can become an an ‘Unfeartie!’

The Children’s Parliament are marking their 21st anniversary by creating an ‘inspiring, brave band of ‘Unfearties,’ individuals who are not feart, are making a difference in children’s lives and who are willing to speak up for and stand alongside children.’

unfeartieJohn Carnochan OBE and Dr Suzanne Zeedyk are two very well known ‘unfearties’ along with a host of others who work with, for or alongside children who have keen interest in supporting children’s participation and engagement. Why to check out the web site: and click on ‘About us’ then ‘Unfearties’ to join them. The ‘Our Work’ section shows the wide range of projects, activities and partnerships that the Children’s Parliament are involved in – why not have a look and gain some inspiration for supporting meaningful implementation of children’s rights.

CALA Conference 2017 – Save the Date

We are hard at work planning this year’s CALA Conference. More details will follow at a later date, but if you’re interested in attending, we advise you to save the date: 28th September 2017.

The theme of this year’s conference is “Workforce Development”, and will feature a fantastic line-up of workshops and guest speakers. If you have an interest in issues relating to early learning and childcare, the CALA Conference is a great way to increase your knowledge and meet a wide range of like-minded people.

We can’t wait to share with you what we’ve got planned! Stay tuned…


Evening Workshop for Childminders


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Frugal Fun Friday – Easter (Week one)

Time for your weekly helping of Frugal Fun Friday! This week Mairianne is getting ready for Easter. Here she is to explain more:
“Week one of our next three week theme and the last theme this term!  We are of course looking at Easter fun!  We start with the snack and this week we have healthy easter pops using easter moulds, yogurt and any fruit you like!”

Click the image below to play the video:

Sutherland Stepping Stones – Easter Holiday Planner 2017


Wilma from Sutherland Stepping Stones has sent through their Easter Holiday Planner and booking form. They have lots of fun things planned, including a mini Olympics, an Easter egg hunt and Easter crafts.

Download the planner by clicking here.