The children of Cawdor Out of School Care enjoy a day out

The children and staff of Cawdor Out of School Care recently enjoyed a day out. Not deterred by some drizzly weather, the kids and staff donned their jackets and enjoyed exploring the sights and sounds of Cawdor, which included a trip to Cawdor Gardens.
For more details of their trip, click here to download the report they sent through.

Upcoming ‘Smart Start’ Workshops

Smart Start workshops will be taking place in June, and are free of charge to all childminders working in Highland. The purpose of the workshops is to explain the background, objectives and childminders roles in engaging with the Smart Start Pack to support 3-5 year olds Health and Wellbeing.

See the flyer for more information:


Workshops will start from 6.45pm for tea and coffee, with a start time of 7pm until 8pm.
Click here to download a PDF copy of the flyer.

Strathdearn Daycare


Well what a fantastic first couple of weeks, the children have all settled in extremely well and seem to be having a ball! Both myself and Sarah are very passionate about the benefits of outdoor play to enhance learning through play. Whenever possible children have been outdoors, whether it’s playing on rope swings, climbing trees, playing in the woods or visiting the park there is something for everyone to meet their individual abilities. strathdearn-2

Already we have witnessed the children’s confidence and self esteem grow so quickly. Outdoor play is a great opportunity for “risk in play” where children can encounter certain types of risks which help children to learn how to manage those risks, giving them long term developmental benefits such as overcoming challenging situations.

We would like to thank Mrs Bell and Mrs Mackay for being so supportive, helpful and making us feel welcome in their nursery, the transition from nursery over to day care has been very smooth so thanks ladies. Also to Miss Banks & all the staff, including your awesome cleaner Alison and handy man Charlie for all your support and kindness you have all made this super easy for us, there is no job too small. We already feel part of your team.

The parents have already shown great support and involvement in the centre already, thanks your involvement is very much needed, welcomed and appreciated!

The children have shown a big interest in famous five and are developing a play based on this; it will be performed at our open day which is on 14th of June at 4.30 in the nursery. Invitations will be going out soon.

The committee continue to do a marvellous job behind the scenes making sure everything is running smoothly.

Thank you

– Claire Ford

Ullapool Out of School Club Holiday Planner


“Ullapool Out of School Club will be opening its doors during the summer. We will be open for three days a week, (Mon, Wed & Thurs) for the first four weeks of the holidays. We have lots of exciting activities planned from 10am till 3pm.To avoid disappointment, please book as soon as possible. Registration and booking forms are available from the club, and you can download the planner from here.”

Tel: 01854 613 056, Mob: 07746568064.

We look forward to seeing you.”

Jo, Jackie and Michele

Click here to download the Ullapool Out of School Club Holiday Planner, which also includes a booking form.

Culbokie Fun Club finds out about Earth Day


“Did you know that April 22nd was Earth Day?  The children at Culbokie Fun Club decided to find out a bit about it and would like to share with you what they did.”

Marion Laidlaw

Click here to download a report that gives more details of the ways in which the kid’s of Culbokie Fun Club celebrated Earth Day.

Jigsaw Childcare are Building the Ambition for children and families


A big thank you to Susan, Hazel and Jade for hosting a day’s training on Building the Ambition for their staff teams on Saturday 14th May at Jigsaw Nursery, Turnhouse, Edinburgh. Despite the temptation of the warm spring sunshine outdoors, all 23 attendees were highly participative throughout and spent the day in discussion, exploring aspects of the guidance, reflecting on their practice which highlighted what they do well and shared ideas for next steps for implementation and continued improvement.

Here’s a sample of evaluative comments:

“I have a lot more understanding of ‘Building the Ambition.’

“I learned the importance of promoting wellbeing, communication and curiosity. I now want to put all of my learning from today into practice to help make Scotland the best place to grow up.”

“The importance of children having proper care and learning from an early age.”

“I learnt a great deal of knowledge of different techniques and strategies, resources and planning.”

“Gained a lot of useful info regarding play, parents, practice, legislation and documents. Relaxed and informative. Will definitely help me improve my practice in all areas!”

“I feel the staff and myself have gained a lot from today.”

Summer 2016 edition of ‘Toddler Link’


The Summer 2016 edition of the ‘Toddler Link’ newsletter is here, and is packed full of interesting and informative articles. Topics include: Bookbug Week, Year of the Dad, baby sensory toys, as well as information on children’s snack time.

If you work with toddlers or have one yourself, Toddler Link is definitely worth a read. Click here to download the newsletter.

Still places available on the ‘Heuristic Play and Treasure Baskets’ training

There are still a number of places available on the ‘Heuristic Play and Treasure Baskets’ training courses happening in May or June. See the following flyer for more information:


Healthy Eating Week


The British Nutrition Foundation’s annual ‘Healthy Eating Week’ runs from the 13th to 17th of June. Healthy Eating Week is a week where registered schools and nurseries in the UK focus on healthy eating and drinking, as well as promoting healthy habits to young people.

Registration is free, and it gives you access to lots of resources and events.

To learn more or register, please visit

Nessie’s Nipper’s trip to Simpson’s Garden Centre


Children and staff at Nessie’s Nipper’s took a trip recently to Simpson’s Garden Centre. The kid’s enjoyed planting flowers, feeding fish, making badges and a treasure hunt.

The trip was part of Nessie’s Nipper’s eco project, in which they are working towards their silver flag.

Click here to download a powerpoint presentation with more details of the trip.

First Edition of the Safe Strong and Free Newsletter


Safe Strong and Free have published the first edition of their new newsletter. They say:

We are hoping that through this publication, we will be able to share what is
happening in local areas to improve collaboration and learning.

Please click here to download the newsletter.

Meet Bruce



As soon as we found out for sure Bruce was coming to daycare (plane tickets bought, passport ready, and eucalyptus leaves cleared by customs) we let our parents and children know.


The poster says: “Bruce the Koala has come all the way from the Outback of Australia to make new friends, who will look after him and show him what the boys and girls in daycare like to do. He likes to eat eucalyptus leaves and he needs 20 hours of sleep a day, so Bruce will need to hear your favourite bedtime story to help him get to sleep! If you could use the camera to take photos, then draw pictures of Bruce’s adventures and get a grown-up to write about them in the book and his bedtime story on the speech bubble provided and return him the next time you are in Daycare.”

Contents of Bag

  • Bruce The Koala
  • Camera
  • Bruce’s Adventure Book
  • Speech Bubble (for writing down story)
  • Instructions leaflet


Where Bruce has been so far (thank you to the parents for writing these stories in the book they return with Bruce)


What the parent said: “Bruce is a great idea to make learning fun, increasing interests and enthusiasm while still gaining knowledge.” 


What the parent said: “I thought having Bruce for the night was a brilliant idea. I enjoyed it as much as L. It was great fun taking pictures and thinking of games to play. Seeing L happy made me feel even happier.



What the parent said:  I think it is a great thing to do. It gives the children knowledge of an animal they wouldn’t normally comes across and gives them responsibility. 



Bruce will be going on plenty more adventures! If any other club would like to meet Bruce, contact daycare in Junior World and he may just pay you a visit…

Now for the science bit

How Bruce is helping daycare through Building the Ambition…



Many thanks to Alison Morrison Smith for sending through this blog post about Bruce’s adventures.