My World Triangle – Child Protection

The following article was sent through by Training Development Manager Norma Ruettimann:

Learning gained from recent Serious Case Reviews in a few Local Authorities in Scotland included the need for adults involved with children and families to make accurate assessments of children an young people who may be at risk to take into account all factors with may impact on a child or young person to help identify support needs.

This reminded us that the My World Triangle provides us with a framework to consider the whole child or young person. The Scottish Government have provided a colour version of this along with separate descriptors for each side of the triangle to support us in assessing risk to children and identifying and planning areas of support which you may find useful in helping to consolidate your thinking where you have concerns about a child or young person.

If you have any trouble reading the text on the images below, you can download them as a PDF by clicking here.

my-world-trainglehow-i-grow-and-develop my-wider-world  what-i-need-from-people

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