The CALA Mentoring Programme

During our Annual CALA Conference we announced the launch of our new and exciting mentoring programme that has been designed for:

  • newly appointed or promoted childcare practitioners
  • workers within Staffbank
  • CALA childminders

CALA-Mentoring-LogoThe CALA mentoring programme aims to enhance professional development, provide a confident and competent workforce, promote integrated working and strengthen leadership.

Mentoring can be a very rewarding process for both the mentor and mentee. Mentors who choose to participate in the mentoring project will be provided with in house training to ensure that they are fully equipped and supported to take forward the valuable mentoring role.

Mentees who choose to participate in the project will be provided with a mentor who can invest time in getting to know the mentee, their capabilities, interests and ambitions to help explore effective problem solving skills at their own pace.

Co-ordinators are in place and are well equipped to begin the matching process so that applicants are suitably paired with the most appropriate mentor/mentee.

Responsibility for the pairing of mentors and mentees:

Donalda Johnston

Donalda Johnston

Donalda will be responsible for employees within the Direct Services Team.

Fiona Morrison

Fiona Morrison

Fiona will be responsible for CALA Childminders.

Kirsty Hunter

Kirsty Hunter

Kirsty will be responsible for #openingdoors.

Find out more about the CALA Mentoring Programme

If you wish to apply to become a CALA mentor or mentee, or to request further information, please contact our Inverness office on 01463 222569 – we will be happy to help!

Fiona Morrison, CALA Childminder Coordinator